Have you ever watched those ASPCA commercials, where they have the Sarah McLachlan song “Angel” playing in the background. My daughter Amelia and I have over and over. She can’t watch them anymore, she gets sad. As we were watching one day, Amelia asked if we could send in some money and if it would help. I was reluctant. I thought, maybe we could do something better. But what. We thought maybe if there was something larger that would keep on sending money to them. Then one day, we thought of “Homeless Hounds” and then our venture began and two years later, here we are. We have the Homeless Hound collection. We have begun our 32 dog collection with the first seven. For each one sold, money will go to an animal shelter. That mission has begun. People have been very generous and we hope it will spread. We will work with a local animal shelter in the beginning and then spread out, hopefully nationwide. So, please enjoy our website and help the animals.

Homeless Hounds Proudly supports T J O’Connor Adoption Center


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